Natural Anti Aging Techniques For Your Skin

There are droves of anti aging products available on today’s market, each seemingly designed to target a certain area of the body. As good as some of these products may be, slowing down the aging process by natural means is definitely something to consider.

Anti Aging The Natural Way..


Anti Aging - Water

One of the best ways to help keep your skin luminous and radiant is to keep it hydrated. When your skin becomes dehydrated it becomes gaunt and aged looking. Dehydrated skin will also quickly develop superficial lines. Your best defense against skin dehydration is water. Natural spring water from an uncontaminated spring is great. If this is not available, filtered water is a good alternative.

The Mayo Clinic recommends that men drink 13 cups of water daily, and women drink 9 cups daily. These amounts will vary depending on your daily activity level, and the amount of water-enriched food you eat.


Ok, so your mother has been trying to get you to eat healthy since you were a child. Well, she’s right. The vitamins, minerals and nutrients found naturally in food are an essential part of the anti aging process. Some of the best ones are listed below.

  • Anti AgingVitamin E helps protect your skin from sun damage.
  • Vitamin C helps your body produce excessive amounts of collagen which is the element of the skin that gives it its firmness.
  • Niacin is a great exfoliate. It will naturally remove dead skin cells so they can be replaced with new ones which results in younger looking skin.
  • Vitamin A should definitely be at the top of your vitamin list. This wonder vitamin is a perfect source of retinol which helps prevent wrinkles, fine lines and age spots on the skin.

Some great anti aging foods include nuts, green vegetables, whole grain foods, and fruit.


Anti Aging - ExerciseYou’re probably sick of hearing the “E” word all the time, but the truth is that regular exercise is a super way to ward off the effects of aging. Weight loss would be the obvious benefit from exercise, but it doesn’t stop there.

Regular exercise helps you sleep better; something essential to the overall good health of your skin. Without enough sleep your skin doesn’t have time to rebuild the cells that have died in your skin throughout the day. Exercise also helps your body relieve stress; something that can make you age years beyond your actual age.

The use of anti aging products is certainly a strategy to use against aging. Anti aging supplements can also be a useful tool. Still, when you’re developing your strategy to turn back the hands of time, don’t forget the natural anti aging techniques mentioned above. They’re easy to incorporate into any lifestyle, and you’ll see the benefits when you look in the mirror.

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